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Germany Infrastructure Projects Over US$129 Billion of Investment

Germany has been continually investing in quality infrastructure since the country reunified in 1990. As the water industry invested more than US$122.2 billion in water infrastructure projects, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure launched the “Gigabit Germany Initiative for the Future”. The aim of which is to draw over US$111.1 billion of investment…


Carlo Jansen: Every great project starts with good contract management

Carlo Jansen is a construction management expert based in Antwerp, Belgium. He has 10 years of experience in contract management including the 8 years he spent managing the construction and refurbishment of 170 buildings while working as the Manager of Infrastructure for the Antwerp Port Authority. He currently works with freelance contracts consulting on construction…


Planning and Building Under German Construction Regulations

According to the 2016 European Innovation Scoreboard, Germany ranks as an innovation and compliance leader in the construction sector based on the country’s overall innovation and expenditure on research and development. Germany’s innovation performance peaked in 2012 and placed the country’s innovation performance 28% above the overall average in the EU. This figure dropped to…


Dutch Construction Expects 40% Higher Productivity, 50% Cut in CO2 Emissions with Smart Logistics

Construction activities in the Netherlands have been growing, especially the past year. Currently, 30% of the commercial traffic in Dutch cities comes from the construction sites as 50% of Dutch construction turnover is happening in the major cities. And that is predicted to grow to 80% in the next ten years. The increasing housing shortage…