Management solution to modernise your site operations

Round up all your site stakeholders around deadline, budget and compliance goals.

A tailored solution that fits every step of your project

Construction onsite

Capture your work progress and track activities as your bring transparency all throughout the construction lifecycle.


QHSE Controls

Automate your QHSE progress reports and complete your site inspections, safety and compliance checklists.


Maintenance & Facility Management

Effectively manage facility specifications through every step of the maintenance process.


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What is your biggest source of frustration ?

APROPLAN can help you

Whether your company is going through one single issue or multiple pain points, APROPLAN can help you take total control over your project, augment productivity, and effectively better the collaboration between your teams.


Achieve deadlines and budgets!

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Generate reliable reports quickly!

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Optimal collaboration by digitising processes!

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Improve the efficiency of your construction processes !

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Demonstrate solid compliance procedures.

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Build 50% faster

1 hour spent on site requires an average of 1 hour of administrative time spent in the office. Save time by generating your site reports directly in the field.

Reduce risk by 80%

The majority of the problems that arise during a construction site are due to human errors. APROPLAN digitises procedures among all stakeholders and reduces risks by 80%.

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