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    Basic features, plus:

  • Customisable punch list
  • Plan viewing and comparison
  • Centralise all your document
  • Communication groups
  • Work online & offline with your tablet
  • Unlimited custom reports
  • Access to APROPLAN Academy

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per seat (billed annually)

    Basic and Expert features, plus:

  • Defined checklists and task workflows
  • Advanced search in all your tasks
  • Fully customised project access rights
  • Performance dashboard
  • APROPLAN API access
  • Direct communication with a dedicated customer success manager

Enterprise +

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    Basic, Expert and Enterprise features, plus:

  • A dedicated project manager for implementation plan
  • On-site training & configuration support
  • Quarterly business review after implementation
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Aproplan Core features
Get access to both mobile and web apps and invite unlimited number of Free users
Create, manage & collaborate on unlimited number of tasks
Add an unlimited number of documents
Create unlimited number of communication groups (Lists)
Full communication groups access rights management (Lists)
Full project access right management
Create & have overview of unlimited number of projects
Dedicated page for subcontractors
Create and send punch lists
Define non-conformity and checklist categories
Define custom workflow for follow up process of tasks
Set up rooms and locations
Instantly generate and share your (non-)conformity reports
Up to 20
Have custom templates for (non-)conformity reports
Measure performance with an advanced dashboard
Complete checklists on-site
Create & assign Tasks within a checklist
Create custom checklist templates for your entire company
Add and compare plan versions
Full document access right management
Filter and search
Basic search for your tasks
Group tasks and checklists by different views
Advanced search for your tasks
Advanced search for your checklists
Get standard APROPLAN support
Get VIP APROPLAN support
Get a dedicated customer success manager
Get a dedicated Project Manager for your company’s implementation plan
On-site training & configuration support (Travel costs not included)
Quarterly Business Review after implementation
Have access to all external integration tools
Get access to the APROPLAN API

Get a free Basic Licence. (It’s free for eternity!)

Invite all your subcontractors for the Free Basic plan. It includes all the essential features for them to save time in administrative tasks & collaborate better in a digital way.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have one licence for multiple users?

This is not recommended. The risk is the loss of information that could be overwritten by one of your collaborators. This would make it a challenge to keep track of the real-time progress of your projects. Wasn’t that why you wanted to go digital to begin with?

How do I upgrade my free “basic licence” to an Expert or Enterprise one?

Sounds like you had great experience with our application! If you want to upgrade a license or to buy more licences, just contact our sales team.

Does my subcontractor need a paid licence?

No, if your subcontractor only has to receive and execute tasks, the Free “Basic license” is enough.

Can I downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can change your licence type at the end of your monthly/yearly subscription period. To do so, please contact our support team who will take care of your request.

How does the free Enterprise trial work?

Free trial gives you the possibility to enjoy our Enterprise licence for 30 days. Interested? Create a new account now. At the end of that period, you will be automatically switched back to our free “Basic licence“ plan.

Build 50% faster

1 hour spent on site requires an average of 1 hour of administrative time spent in the office. Save time by generating your site reports directly in the field.

Reduce risk by 80%

The majority of the problems that arise during a construction site are due to human errors. APROPLAN digitises procedures among all stakeholders and reduces risks by 80%.

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