Digital report generation adds value to your construction site projects

Easily and quickly produce your customised site reports directly in the field.

Customise and distribute your site reports

Thanks to APROPLAN, gain credibility and adapt your reports according to the different stakeholders. Filter essential information, customise templates, generate error-free reports, and share them with stakeholders in one click.

  • Easily print or send your customised site reports within the mobile application and desktop.

    rapport instantané gestion construction
  • Create and manage your report template to fit your needs and highlight the key elements.

    template rapport personnalisé chantier construction
  • Through the creation of lists, assign tasks to the parties concerned and collaborate effectively with the stakeholders and trades on your site.

    suivi statut de vos tâches construction
  • View and customise your dashboards to get a brief overview of the main elements of your construction site.

    dashboard APROPLAN
  • Easily identify if your site report has been consulted and validated by project stakeholders through the electronic signature function.

    signature e-signtaure chantier construction

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