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Easily add new points using photos, comments and annotations on the latest version of the plan. With an exhaustive view of all current and future points, improve visibility and communication on your site.

Master all the processes of a construction site

Reduce non-compliance errors by controlling all construction processes. Collect the data instantly and notify your observations to the various project stakeholders, both internal and external.

  • Annotate your plans in a simple and intuitive way. Send feedback and notify the person in charge of this task in real time.

    annotations sur le plan
  • Through the creation of lists, assign tasks to the parties concerned and collaborate effectively with stakeholders and trades on your site.

    suivi statut de vos tâches construction
  • Assign statuses and urgency levels to the points to be checked and accurately track their progress.

    gestion des status de taches
  • Get a complete and detailed history of your tasks and the progress of their various statuses.

    historique des taches sur chantier
  • Manage actions and tasks related to your project in real time. Notify stakeholders in just a few clicks.

    dispatching des tâches

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