Handovers Reimagined for Real Estate Managers

Handover visits can go smooth with minimal admin burden and zero communication errors

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 Manage your handover activities better

Our goal is to help you simplify tasks and collaboration challenges that may arise during a handover visit.

Fluid communication

Stakeholders are on the same page at all times

Reduced admin burden

40% time saved because administrative tasks are automated

Shorter delays

Faster information flow reduces delivery delays

The Old Way

The admin burden on the contractor and architect slows down the handover process by more than 50%. Help ease the burden in creating the final handover report.

The New Way

Define the rules and responsibilites for each stakeholder and your handover visit will become a piece of cake minus the admin work and communication issues.


Four Steps to an Easy Handover Visit

The app works out what info is needed for each task, who needs to be aware of it and by when, and automatically distributes personalised reports to each stakeholder. You don’t have to spend hours prioritising, doing follow-ups and merging your data into readable reports.


Configure your project in 5 steps. Choose status, select responsibilities and upload docs. Invite all stakeholders into the app.

Distribute Snags

The architect and the contractor can create their snags while on the field in just 5 clicks.
Assigned stakeholders get notified instantly. Subcontractors can start working earlier than usual.

Create Reports Instantly

One hour on site is now summarised and reported in 5 minutes. You create a report and distribute it to your client and contractor with no more than 5 clicks on the tablet.

This report is the official handover document that will be signed by all stakeholders to confirm the legal handover of the building or construction project.

Follow Up on Your Project

Follow up on your project thanks to analytical tools, like the Dashboard, to have a clear and precise view of the progress of each project task.

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Enormous time-saving thanks to more automated reports creation and distribution

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