Clear overview of all your projects anytime, anywhere

Eliminate all pen, paper and Excel processes.
Turn time-consuming and quickly outdated reporting into real-time, automated and interactive dashboards to easily share with concerned stakeholders.
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Dashboard Feature 1

Automatically generated dashboards

Avoid getting caught off guard with outdated information, communication issues or delays. Generate dashboards in just a few seconds.

Track activities in real time

Choose which data to display according to statuses, categories, due date; all data are in real-time.

Dashboard Feature 2

Reach objectives of deadlines, budget and compliance!

The majority of the problems that arise during a construction site are due to human errors. APROPLAN digitises procedures among all stakeholders and reduces risks by 80%.
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Dashboard Feature 3

Report generation for performance and delay tracking

Share your dashboards in seconds with your superiors, third parties and any relevant stakeholders. Customise what information gets out and who has access to it.

Live data overview

Enjoy an overview of your project activities: detailed history, relevant information, users-in-charge, and all other fresh data you rely on to make important decisions.

Dashboard Feature 4

Discover key features of APROPLAN

Generate Reports

Capture real-time data and share your custom reports instantly

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Communication Channels

Share information and documents, enabling various parties to have all relevant information

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Custom Inspections

Improve efficency and consistency with standardised site inspections

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Spot non-conformities in an easy way

Capture and follow up tasks for all stakeholders on your mobile device

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All your site documents at your fingertips

Access and share the latest version of your site documentation

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