Mobile collaborative snagging solution that allows maintenance teams to better manage risks and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

Available on all browsers as well as on iOS and Android

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Preventive and reactive maintenance management software made easy

 In addition, our solution allows you to create punchlist points, generate reports, enrich information with photos and allow effective collaboration between stakeholders.


Facilitate the capture of information that feeds your maintenance processes to comply with industry regulations. Be at the top of your external audits and transmit them easily.


Report defects and problems in a timely manner to comply with your maintenance plan. Do your quality inspections to be prepared for your internal and external audits.

Be more efficient by digitising your processes

Reduce the administrative burden by scanning pen and paper processes. Create annotations and complete checklists on the fly and easily access all your plans and procedures.


Coordinate and integrate the action of all your internal and external teams on site. Assign tasks and controls and track them using an easy workflow. Offer your stakeholders a unique and simple communication tool.


Create your standardised inspection reports quickly and easily. Communicate reports easily, on time and to the right people.


Measure the efficiency of your processes, from the identification of critical problems to the final control of their resolution

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