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Reduce worksite risks by 80% by digitising your on-site activities

1 Transparently manage all your teams and project tasks

Instantly assign tasks to different collaborators that are automatically linked, streamlined, versioned, and fully searchable.

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2 Collect accurate information through an automated checklist process

Easily create a digital control or report for construction inspections, building operations and facilities management.

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Compare and share plans, reports, and activities, while you leave a relevant digital trail

Generate and share custom reports in one click

Measure performance with an advanced dashboard

View and compare plan versions automatically

3 Plan your work to better meet project deadlines

Assign tasks to relevant groups or individuals, track the progress of each, and get your teams to finish project on time and within budget.

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4 Collaborate in real time with all your stakeholders

Instantly send changes to your entire team or to various specific groups and get everyone on the same page.

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They trust us, how about you?

« The goal is to save time and to reduce the management work, and at the same time to enable a clear monitoring of the progress. Both project managers and subcontractors as well as architects have benefited from this. »

Florence Brocal, Project Manager

BPC brands of CFE

« We are highly satisfied with the APROPLAN Support team. This is one of the reasons why we keep working with APROPLAN and not with other similar apps. APROPLAN listens, APROPLAN looks for solutions. This is really their biggest strength. »

Dennis Franco, Production Manager Buildings


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