Web Development Intern

Start date: As soon as possible
La Hulpe, Belgium

Job description

The web team members are actively looking for an ambitious, dynamic and entrepreneurial intern who can help them on different projects.

As a Web Development Intern, you will work on two specific projects that will allow you to operate with the latest technologies in the web universe. You will also have the chance to join an amazing team of experts who are excited to share their skills with you.


  • Angular Migration


The web app was developed using the first version of the Google front-end framework,  AngularJS. In July 2018, Google announced that AngularJS entered a 3 year Long Term Support (LTS) period. Shortly before that, we looked at the new version (Angular 6 as of September) and decided to initiate an incremental migration.

The goal is to migrate a set of core features from AngularJS to Angular. The language stays the same (TypeScript) but the newer version of the framework would need a complete rewrite of some layers.

To achieve that, you will have to learn TypeScript as well as Angular (and at least be able to understand AngularJS). Furthermore, you may need to explore the project structure and analyse how to migrate the different components. Finally, you will have to do the migration component by component.


  • UI/UX Improvements


A great user experience is important for an app such as APROPLAN. Rules on the subject change quite often and several screens of the app would need constant improvements so it’s always easier to use with an updated modern design.

For this project, you will work with the designer. Specifically, the designer has identified elements that need to be changed to improve the app’s UI/UX. You will make the necessary changes with the developers of the team. Ultimately, you will present and discuss your project with the designer to confirm that your development contributions conform to the designs.


To be successful at LetsBuild, you need to master the following qualifications:

  • Good knowledge in an OO programming language.
  • Be an effective team player.
  • Have a methodical and structural mind.
  • Finishing a bachelor or a master degree in Computer Sciences.


We would like you to have these other skills:

  • TypeScript/Javascript knowledge.
  • Unit testing.
  • Autodidactic skills.
  • Have downloaded a Free Trial of our products (APROPLAN &  GenieBelt), tested the Apps and browsed our websites before applying, so you know what kind of company we are and what we do.

Notice that all the internships at LetsBuild are unpaid. By applying you agree to do an unpaid internship.