Drees & Sommer Uses APROPLAN to: Strengthen Construction Standards Compliance with Tailored Defect Survey Digital Reports


Drees & Sommer offers international consulting for development and process, infrastructure, project/facility management and engineering in the building and real estate industry. They have been supporting public and private sector principals and investors for over 45 years. Including their head office in Stuttgart, Drees & Sommer has 41 offices all over the world with a total of 2,400 employees.


Currently, Drees & Sommer is active in more than 3,260 projects and 18 services. The company provides BIM solutions and is highly interested in digitising the work processes in various projects and sectors they are involved in.

Drees & Sommer uses APROPLAN mainly because it saves them time by allowing them to export their data into Excel files and attach photos on points and the project plan while onsite. They no longer have to waste time attaching photo captions and referencing them post-inspection while at the office. APROPLAN makes reporting better and faster by replacing manual data exporting and photo noting.

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Founded 1970
HQ Stuttgart, Germany
Employees 2400
Industry Real Estate


Drees & Sommer’s traditional compliance checks involved having their planning office send one of their engineers to perform defect surveys for their clients. That would involve a routine onsite inspection where the engineer would go around and take notes about all the non-conformities he could find. Additionally, onsite survey data can easily be generated into accurate reports with pictures located on a plan. Once the inspection is done, the engineer and the planning office would consolidate their data and share an overall detailed report. At the end, they would give recommendations on how to go about each non-compliant item listed.

As a consulting firm that operates worldwide, it means they have to have a repository of all organisational, regional and national standards that their clients have to comply with. Therefore, onsite surveys are critical to the quality of their service. Quality checks mean quality recommendations and therefore equal to quality service.


APROPLAN organised a database of different countries’ rules and laws with elements put in categories and subcategories that when a point is annotated, the app identifies immediately which item or point is non-compliant with which specific standard or law. For example, the office in Germany, can link and check their project against the standards found in the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation) among other European and international building laws.

APROPLAN’s digitalisation of Drees & Sommer’s daily reporting process has made defect inspection yield more accurate data at the least amount of time.

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