Gabecon Uses APROPLAN to: Manage and Track Issues Efficiently and Cost-Effectively within a Universal Work Database

About Gabecon

Gabecon SA is a class 8 contractor founded as a family business in 1988. Gabecon is based in Geluveld and has been in the contracting business for thirty years. Gabecon specialises in big public service and government construction projects (projects valued up to 20M€).


Gabecon was introduced to APROPLAN while working on their biggest project with Sint-Vincentius Kortrijk. Their architect partner from Snoecks & Partners NV was using APROPLAN for on-site point collections, which got the team intrigued and eager to use the app that is capable to house work aspects in one database.

Gabecon constructed a brand new Sint-Vincentius residential care centre on the site of the former Sint-Niklaas clinic. The new building featured 121 residential units, a centre for short stays with 10 units and 27 assisted living residences. It also has a wellness centre that includes a physiotherapy room, a hair salon, and relaxation rooms. There is also a cafeteria overlooking the Houtmarkt.
Founded 1988
HQ Geluveld, Belgium
Employees 110
Industry Construction


Up until their biggest project, Sint-Vincentius Kortrijk, Gabecon was still using paper and e-mail (XLS) to collect and communicate issues. Gabecon had no formal process of tracking flaws and issues. As projects grew bigger, issues and stakeholders did, too. Gabecon needed a technical solution to manage and track project issues and one common way of working among all site and project managers.


APROPLAN tailored a uniform way of working within Gabecon using an admin tool that simplified the collaboration of the main contractor with the architect and subcontractors. APROPLAN streamlined a common way of tracking issues using one common database for all site and project managers.

Erwin Warrinnier - ICT Manager

“Once projects grew bigger, issues and stakeholders grew bigger. Only a technical solution can solve the manageability of issue tracking in an efficient, cost-effective way… We envision this product (APROPLAN) as the main tool for our site managers. Choosing APROPLAN happened naturally. However, there are good reasons to choose APROPLAN: it is very functional with great quality and stability, and it offers close proximity to the consultants with great commitment to make the implementation and adoption successful for us.”


  • The team was able to capture 1,000 issue points in 3 months (300 points per month in the “finish” phase that include electricity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning punch lists).
  • Contractor, site manager and project manager issue tracking and evaluation between 15 projects and 500+ subcontractors became easy by using a single source database.
  • Overall control over the business has improved the control over different subcontractors – the project management team was able to pinpoint which subcontractors were delivering good quality and which subcontractors were not.
  • The collaborative work between the main contractor and the architect partners was simplified thanks the easy assignment of roles and access rights.
  • The construction of the new residential care center ran perfectly and a month ahead of schedule.

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