Digitise Your Inspections for a More Efficient and Effective QHSE System


BESIX Netherlands is a member of the massive construction organization, BESIX Group, having more than 18,000 employees worldwide. For over 25 years, BESIX Netherlands has produced prestigious and noteworthy works in civilian concrete construction, special utility construction and maritime construction. The agreement with BESIX Group, which was finalized during the third quarter of 2017.

The Situation

Besix works with the program Relatics to do their QHSE inspections on the construction sites. With Relatics they have a clear overview of the type of inspections that has to be done, when it should be done and who will be doing it.

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HQ Belgium
Employees 18000
Revenue €2.3 Billion in 2017



Even with a digital system (Relatics) that reminded them what checks are to be done, the actual inspections were still performed with a pen and paper. BESIX had to deal with massive information that needed to be transcribed from the inspections into their digital system, which are then shared and transferred between different stakeholders.


The consequences of poor compliance are too much of a risk. BESIX had to improve their process in order to make complying to internal and external regulations more comprehensive and easier to track. By then, they were aware that integrating a digital form of inspection and communication would make them work more efficiently.

The Turning Point

Towards the end of 2017, BESIX Netherlands started a building project called The Terraced Tower in Rotterdam. In order to be built, the tower requires a complex cofferdam and complicated foundations and will be built partly into the dike body. Hence, it was highly important for BESIX Netherlands to start using APROPLAN on this project to conduct accurate workplace inspections and quality control.

After two months of trying and testing different settings in APROPLAN, BESIX saw favourable outcomes with using APROPLAN and decided on an agreement to use APROPLAN on a global level.

Setting the Bar High for Internal Standards and Compliance

BESIX Netherlands has specific internal standards for work processes and product quality. They had APROPLAN customised to specifically support a solid compliance system that tailored the Points and Forms features.

It is now straightforward for BESIX Netherlands to capture and track their work safety and product quality. APROPLAN has made planning and performing inspections trouble-free, all while adhering to standards. The APROPLAN team has helped BESIX improve how they can leverage Aproplan to drive their safety and product quality processes. The software is easy to use and allows quick implementation, which is what their project teams need especially for the type of complex projects they have.

Digitising Templates and Inspections


BESIX uses Forms to digitise their paper templates and create a library of these templates that would be available for all present and future projects. Because they already know the inspections schedule and corresponding inspectors for their different checks, they can prepare and share the Form ahead of time so that the person-in-charge sees what to fill in and when it’s due.


For workplace inspections, BESIX Netherlands uses Points for their trademarked “10 Different Life Saving Rules”. Basically, BESIX worksite users can capture things that aren’t safe in the work environment, based on this internal safety guide, referred to as BeSafe:

  • Prevent falling from a height
  • Prevent falling of objects
  • Do not walk under suspended loads. Do not lift loads over people.
  • Follow the lifting plan
  • Ensure separation of people and moving equipment
  • Provide permission for excavation works
  • Provide permission and perform a gas test before entering a confined space
  • Wear a life jacket when working near water
  • Provide permission for diving work
  • Keep to the traffic rules and do not use a telephone while driving a vehicle

BESIX believes that safety is an ongoing thing that can’t be solved by a Form. However, by using Points, workers on site can easily capture things they notice as unsafe – they can just quickly grab their phone, create a point and add a picture.

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