A2D Architects Uses APROPLAN and Completes the Sterea Project near Brussels

About A2D Architects

A2D Architects is a team of 25 creative designers who strongly believe in architecture as a link between nature, city, and interior design. A2D landscapes experiences to blend into its projects, architecture and interior design. Design concepts center on recurring themes of an object that is the main ingredient for contextual architecture, which directly influences the interior design, and is ultimately combined with deconstruction ideas of structural work.


Sterea Golf City was visualised as a nostalgia of a beautiful experience that takes a person home to themselves – a design that is contemporary yet timeless, stylish yet sober, modern yet accessible. Paul Lievevrouw, along with his team at SUM, has brought to life a tranquil sea of living space on a sprawling 10.4 hectares of land. Sterea offers different housing options of apartments, assisted living residences, villas, and park residences that blend with each other and the surrounding areas in an ultimate concept of serenity.

A2D won the design and build competition for Sterea’s 2,000m² golf club house and was commissioned to build the 56-tee golf course and its 500m² greenkeeping hall. They were also contracted to construct the 250m² community pavilion in the park area, and later on, they were selected to restore the golf’s tunnel and watchtower.

Employees 25+
Industry Architecture


  • Forgetting to bring the appropriate ring binder containing the latest documents
  • Having a final result that is not 100% representative of the starting concept
  • Being burdened with the idea that some information might be used against them
  • Foreseeing how collaboration gets more difficult as the project grows
  • Losing high-quality information due to incomplete meeting minutes


APROPLAN centralised all architectural plans and documents in the cloud. As a result, all data became accessible anywhere at any time. Lots of small field problems were solved as APROPLAN made the following possible:

  • The latest versions of plans were made available on demand.
  • Meeting minutes were easily tailored to any stakeholder.
  • Architects had 40% more time to focus on high-value activities.
  • Reports were automatically generated after each site visit.
  • Mobility plans were prepared directly from the work environment with the APROPLAN for AutoCAD plugin.
  • Specific reports were easily sent to each stakeholder.
  • Exchanges were smooth and fluid during the follow-up of reservations and reception.
  • Remarks were annotated directly from the field while on the go.
  • Conformities of realizations and anticipations of any corrections were reviewed prior to transmission to the design office.
  • Ground observations were directly found in the digital model.

Sarah Staessen - Architect

“Our architect office has been using APROPLAN for one year and we continually discover new opportunities. We have seen the application grow tailored to the users. A major advantage is that you have all the documents and plans with you in digital format on a tablet – no more carrying heavy ring binders on site. In addition, all documents are constantly accessible via the cloud. The layout of the reports can easily be changed according to the phase of the project: intermediate reports, site reports, lists upon completion, personalized lists etc. An indispensable tool in these times of rapid communication.”


  • Enormous time-saving thanks to more automated reports creation and distribution.
  • Less confusion over large areas with business continuity planning of reserves.
  • Four times faster BCP reception due to faster information processing.
  • No need for additional input from the architect to understand the reserves.
  • On 3,000 remarks, there are on average 3 that need additional explanation.
  • More free time to focus on other things.

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