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AproPLAN ENTERPRISE version make your construction management more efficient, saving you time and money.
Collaborate, track your progress, manage and more. If you need more than one account, discover AproPLAN Project’s advanced features.


How can AproPLAN help you

  • Navigate through your documents
  • Compare versions
  • Make private points
  • Create public points
  • Filter and search through your points
  • Generate a complete PDF report
  • Send out reports to your team


How can AproPLAN help you

  • Set up projects
  • Import different elements using Excel
  • Upload documents
  • Add new versions
  • Invite new team members
  • Give your team access to any documents
  • Link users to punch lists for automatic reporting
  • Create advanced punch list & snag list reports
  • Manage your projects though all of its stages


How can AproPLAN help you

  • Weekly meeting reports with complete numbers
  • Security reports
  • Assign individual pages for subcontractors to follow their tasks
  • Set-up shared lists for your team to collaborate on specific topics
  • Configure your dashboard
  • …and much more