Issue Tracking

As a contractor your day-to-day task is to keep your project running and make sure your team is on track. Documenting defects with photos, location and notes from the field has never been easier. All your issues are centralised and your team and subcontractor are automatically on the same page.

Inspection Reports

Creating inspection reports can be done in just one click. These are an essential part of the project, but are also a real administrative burden. Using AproPLAN you can win countless hours with professional-looking Inspection reports with pictures, plan and all the relevant details.

Walk-Trough and Punchlist

Every project always ends with the final walkthrough with your client and the architect. Documenting issues and creating punchlists with Pen and Paper is cumbersome and takes hours of data entry afterwards in the office. Create punchlists on the field, capturing photos, locations, and notes to generate a detailed report of your visit in just one click.

All your documents

View your plans and documents on your project instantly. Online or offline. Plans are processed through our secure servers and differences between versions are identified automatically so that you don’t have to look for them during your visits.


Safety is an important part of any construction project. It should not be an administrative task but an integral part of the construction project. We make it easy for everyone to document safety concerns when they see them. Afterwards, it is very easy to follow up and understand what happened and set up an action plan if needed.

For all your projects

Every project is different – big, small, straightforward, complex… AproPLAN can be completely customised to fit every project’s exact needs. Whether you are building a hospital with 1500 rooms, a football stadium, a school, an apartment building or a just renovating a house, AproPLAN will adapt to fit your needs.

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