Management Made EASY

The construction software that lets you keep track
of your progress and collaborate with your team.

Get work done in the office and on site.

AproPLAN: save up to 75% of your time on each
construction project


It is very time-consuming to keep track of every detail in the
construction process. With AproPLAN you can create jobsite logs, notes,
drawings and more, live from the site.

We give you an optimized tool to monitor and assign construction punch lists,
compare construction plans and organise the perfect workflow for your team.

Track Progress

Follow your project step-by-step. Work from the latest construction plan and make new versions your way: add notes, photos, build action items lists, compare to older versions and work on the go, when and where you need to.



Work and edit construction plans together with your team live through updates. Share lists of points and keep everyone on the same page, adding comments, documents, photos and much more for better teamwork.


Customise your project from start to finish: create construction punch lists, filters, reports and more. Use the full power of project management to always know the status of your project and have the next step ready.

  • Who uses AproPLAN?

    “With AproPLAN, my daily work is much easier. I cannot live without it anymore, nor my subcontractors and/or workers who receive clear and accurate information all the time.” Guillaume Vanderhauwart, Conducteur de Chantier / Franki & Willemen Groep

  • Who uses AproPLAN?

    “Making notes of improvements or changes and after re-typing into emails and reports is history. With Aproplan, you can make on site a record of the defect you determine, describe and illustrate with pictures, localize on PDF and assign it to a firm (e.g. by email.)” Tom Van Put, Project Manager / Ibens N.V.

  • Who uses AproPLAN?

    “Our architect office is using AproPlan for one year and we continue to discover new opportunities. We have seen the application growing tailored to the users.” Sarah Staessen, Architecte / A2D Architects

  • Who uses AproPLAN?

    “The whole construction team considers AproPLAN as a major step forward in the daily site monitoring!” Karolien Verschueren, Project Manager / Van Wellen & Atro

  • Who uses AproPLAN?

    “A big advantage to go to on site with AproPLAN is that you always have all the necessary information with you, such as the latest plans and previous records, and you can continue working in a simple way.” Annelies Roggen, Architecte / LLOX





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30/ month

$45 / month

Unlock the power of collaboration with your team. Organize your projects better and structure things how you want it.



AproPLAN is perfect for bigger projects and companies.
Benefit from additional flexibility, customization, reports, direct support and more.


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